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Core Features

Powerful features out of the box

Track your issues with our simple, intuitive interface. Split your issues into categories and move then through your issues life-cycle. Search them, auto-assign them to your developers, attach files, tag it, ping your team mates and customize your system. All this and more with the well-known Mantis brand.

Feature 1

Full hosting service

Have your service hosted for a no hassle, super-fast setup with all new updates/features as soon as they are implemented. No more install or maintenance pain! Get reliable, secure data storage with access from anywhere. And you get access to our top notch support team for your MantisHub queries.

Feature 2

Integrations & Plugins

We're always on the look out for integrations that enables your team to be more productive. We provide a heap of useful plugins exclusive to ManitsHub as well as partnering with some of the most popular services out there to leverage their capabilities for our users.

Feature 4


A built-in customer support platform that is designed for your client facing needs, allowing you to run your software bug tracking and customer support at the same time. Auto-create issues in your projects by having customers simply email them in. Communicate with your clients and liaise with your team in one place!

Feature 3

Project management

Manage your project timelines and milestones, get a bunch of stats and graphs for your analysis and track time spent on issues with our Project Management tool set. From software releases to marketing tasks we have what you need to manage your business.

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Migration to MantisHub

A fast, seamless transition

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We can help!

Our Mantis expert engineers can help you import your existing data, attachments and settings into your new MantisHub account. Available for customers on the annual Gold or Platinum plan for a nominal fee, they can guide you through export of your data and ensure all your data will be migrated with full fidelity over a weekend! Come Monday morning, your users will be able to login to MantisHub and seamlessly transition to your upgraded Mantis service