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Our intuitive interface includes a Dashboard view.

Dashboard is showing you issues 'Assigned to Me', 'Unassigned', 'Reported by Me' and many other standard filters as your go-to page to get started for the day. The Timeline feature allows you to keep across what's happening around you with a live stream on the latest actions by your team mates.

Release Management<

2Release Management

MantisHub helps you manage your releases with ease.

To help manage your projects, MantisHub supports project versions. This enables you to create future releases and shipped releases. You can target issues for implementation in a future release and summarize this information in your Roadmap page. Report issues and mark them as fixed against shipped releases and you can provide a handy Chanelog for customers and authoring of announcements and release notes.

Time tracking

3Time tracking

MantisHub has its own in-built time tracking feature.

MantisHub has its own in-built time tracking feature. Enter time spent on your issues by your team. You can then run reports on this information as well as setting hourly rates for chargeback to your clients. Alternatively, if you already utilize popular apps Toggl or Clockify for time tracking, we have integrations that will allow you to insert MantisHub issue information straight into your Clockify or Toggl time tracking.

Toggl Clockify



Get the big picture on your teams performance!

Get the big picture on your teams performance. With analytics on workload distribution by team member, categories, current status and resolution times you can keep on top of it all.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Integrate your support with your internal issue tracking.

MantisHub Helpdesk is one of our most popular features. It allows you to integrate your support with your internal issue tracking. Have your clients email in any queries and they convert automatically into issues in your MantisHub. Combine this with our Snippets plugin for your re-usable issue responses and you have a ready to go support system. You can also check out our Grasshopper integration for getting your support line voicemails directly into MantisHub.


IDE Integrations
IDE Integrations

Improve workflow and efficiency of your development

Improve workflow and efficiency by leveraging integration of JetBrains and Eclipse IDEs with MantisHub. Such integration provides a way to manage multiple work contexts that are based on MantisHub issues with easy way to context switch to pick up right where you left off. By associating your MantisHub issue with a context, you can open up all your code files related to a specific task with one click. Assign branches to your MantisHub tasks so that when you switch tasks it automatically switches the branch along with the context. A super convenient integration that will boost your developers' productivity.



API with C# and Php client SDKs

Leverage the extensive MantisHub API to manage MantisHub issues and integrate tools that your team are using. With the added ability to generate API tokens, we provide users with more control, visibility and security when providing other services and apps access to MantisHub. Extend your issue trackers capabilities in hundreds of ways.


Team Chat
Team Chat

Team communications is a breeze!

With our Slack integration, team communications is a breeze. Link your MantisHub projects to your Slack channels to get your team talking. Updates to your project and issue updates are broadcast out your chat medium to keep everyone up to date. You can also utilize our in-built @mentions and monitoring features to hook team mates into collaborating on specific issues.


Test Management
Test Management

Integrate your test management solution with MantisHub.

Test Management SaaS solutions (e.g. TestLodge, TestRail, TestCollab and Testuff) integrate with MantisHub, feeding test case run results into MantisHub. This provides a streamlined way of managing all your artifacts all the way from requirements, test cases, test run results, bugs, features, etc.

Test lodge Test rail Test collab Testuff


Single Sign-on & Auto-Provisioning

MantisHub provides single sign-on (SSO) capabilities into MantisHub using Identity Providers like Azure AD for Office 365, Github and Bitbucket. Providing users with SSO and one less password to remember. Also highly valuable for organizations allowing them to enforce sign-in policies (e.g. 2FA), revoke access of users that leave the organization and auto-provision new users

Google Office 365 GitHub Bitbucket